Kim, Twin Cities

“Attending local C.A.D.E events has allowed me to learn about other resources the Twin Cities has to offer and meet parents at a variety of places in the autism journey.”




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Impact Stories


Salvador's Story

By: Mom Rocio and Dad Sean

Salvador was diagnosed with Autism at 2.5 years old. He used to be very social; he was a big flirt and all smiles. But one day, Salva became catatonic in a corner; we even thought he was deaf. We were devastated as we didn’t know how we lost him.

We have since been working hard to get him back by seeking the best biomedical and behavioral treatment, trying many different things along the way. Salva is starting to come back to us as he has reconnected to the world and has been using signs to communicate.

It was a joy to hear his voice a couple years ago, and we are waiting to hear “Mama” and “Papa” again.

Driving in the Rain

Autism is a condition that requires your constant attention as anything can happen. It is like driving in the rain. It requires constant focus as you have to be ready for anything. There is little or no time to relax.

It is hard to see how much pain we have endured when we physically appear like any other family.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

From C.A.D.E., we have learned of many different services and techniques from different parents. It has also been a great network to learn how others are managing the condition. Plus, it is great to be around a group of people who truly understand what it means to have autism touch your life.


Isaac's Story

By: Mom Kim and Dad Bill

Isaac entered the world as a 24-week preemie and joined our family through adoption when he was 10 months old. While he was always behind developmentally, it wasn’t until he was 2.5 years old that we got the autism diagnosis.

Through a great deal of one-on-one therapy, Isaac is making progress—though he is still non-verbal. He is a happy and energetic boy who we believe has a lot of undiscovered potential.   

C.A.D.E Offers a Network of Support

We try not to let autism define our lives, but really it HAS defined Isaac’s. We feel that there is not enough done to find a cure for autism—which we believe exists! Money, public awareness, and support is desperately needed.

C.A.D.E. fills a need—it offers a network filled with intelligent, compassionate moms, dads, and grandparents. They provide a wealth of information, and attending local C.A.D.E. events has allowed me to learn about other resources the Twin Cities has to offer and meet parents at a variety of places in the autism journey.